MIS or MSP explanation-

I make a LOT of bead earrings. I ranted somewhere else on this site about “naming” things. I just don’t do it well. LOL. So, for earrings that don’t fit into one of my standard pattern categories like florals or harlequins, I simply call them Miscellaneous or Miscellaneous Specials. This identifies the dozens of assorted patterns, random designs, color combinations, etc. The main difference in the two is the glass I use (some is right pricey), the difficulty or time involved of the pattern, and any cold work (finishing) involved (tumbling, etching, etc.) Most of these are small drops 1 ½ inches or so.

About Beads:

I mostly use 104 COE glass – Effetre (formerly Moretti), Lausha, Messy, and assorted silver reactives like TAG and DH. Exceptions are my recycled glass beads, and those are specified as such. I work on either a Nortel Minor or GTT Lynx torch and anneal everything in either my Arrow Springs A-18 kiln or my Toolbox kiln. This means you don't have to worry about your beads breaking apart for no reason. :) It also strengthens them to more readily withstand the little accidents that happen, like drops or rolls off a dresser.

About Earwires:

I use Argentium Silver wire to form all my earwires. Argentium silver is a fairly new alloy of Sterling, retaining the traditional 92.5% silver...but replaces some of the copper in traditional Sterling with Germanium, a rare earth metal. The elimination of the copper, along with the addition of the germanium creates a lovely silver which is a little harder, resistant to "fire scale" and super tarnish resistant. It is far less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin. I can personally vouch for this, as I have always had a difficult time with any metals in my ears except gold, and I have absolutely no trouble with the Argentium Silver earwires. Earwires are tumbled for shine and work-hardening

The picture is of actual item(s) for sale. I do my best to show the actual colors; please remember that monitors display colors differently, and while the color looks true to me, it may vary a little depending on your computer's graphic card and/or settings on your monitor


SRA #C11 and SRAJD #2871


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