-Braid Wraps

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I know many people visiting my website have been to one of my shows and already have one of these (or 3 or 5!).  For those of you who are not familiar with these cool decorations, they are a simple piece of deerskin with laces which I decorate with sets of my glass beads, coins, bells, feathers, crystals...etc.  They tie on around a vanity braid, and are purely decorative, unless of course you are showing off war trophies or going into battle, in which case they'll be totally useful. 

Right now I have two styles- with feathers and a crystal, or a bead charm & coins/bells.    Neither style is heavy, but the feather/crystal style needs to come off for "feather threatening" activity.  Pretty much anything wet.  The bead charm & coin/bell style may be worn under any conditions, for as long as you choose to wear it.  Further info on product pages!