-French Barrettes

Currently, all sizes are genuine French barrettes, made in France.  Unfortunately, the only factory making them has closed down permanently as of Spring 2024.  There is another manufacturer in Asia (probably China, but unknown for sure) that is producing very good copies made with the same solid construction of the tension bar & back. (The quality of the French made barrettes is due to the way they are made.  That is, there are only 2 parts.  The "spring" or tension bar, is permanent- part of the back.  The cheap copies have a "removable" tension bar, which has a tendancy to fall out, or break. ) I'll be testing the new ones over the next few months.  If they are not as good as the French ones, unfortunately I will discontinue barrettes.  I will not use inferior quality products in my work.

The change-over will be noted here, as well as product pages.