Hair Quill Instructions

SAORSA STUDIO OF BEADS- Hair Quill & Hair Stick Instructions (The drawings on mobile are very small)


Putting in your Hair Quill or Hair Stick


First, gather the hair into a loose ponytail just a little lower than the center top of your head.


Then, wrap the ponytail into a bun, twisting the hair as you wrap it. Tuck the "tail" under an edge.


Hold the loop in one hand & grip the stick/quill like a pencil in the other. Poke it into the outermost wind of your bun (on the same side as the hand holding the quill) touch the scalp, and push it through the hair pointing it AWAY from the head, toward the ear.


Gently twist the quill/stick around, drag along the scalp lightly to anchor the hair, then back through the other side of the bun. Secure the stick through the loop and you're done!