Zigs in Lemon Grass & Luminus Green ME23-6048

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“Zigs” are fairly short, non-fringe dangles, measuring approximately 2 inches from where the wire goes through the ear to the bottom of the macramé. I use Czech & Japanese glass beads in these.  

 About the: Macramé 

All my beadwork is Micro-macramé and glass. Micro-macramé jewelry is lightweight, durable, and the cording is colorfast. I use an extremely tough 3ply nylon cord, and it's basically indestructible. What I tell my customers in my shops is this.... "I guarantee it for as long as you own it. You can swim, shower, sweat...most anything. Just don't light it on fire, or leave it on the dashboard of your car directly in the hot sun." Most people tend to think they won't be using fire near their ears or necks. :) If you DO leave them in a sunny, hot, tightly enclosed space, they may shrink up a little, but this only occasionally happens, and usually only on fringed pieces. In any case, just get in touch with me & I'll either give you instructions on fixing it, or tell you to send it to me for repair.

About Earwires:

I use Argentium Silver wire to form all my earwires. Argentium silver is a fairly new alloy of Sterling, retaining the traditional 92.5% silver...but replaces some of the copper in traditional Sterling with Germanium. The elimination of the copper, along with the addition of the germanium creates a lovely silver which is a little harder, resistant to "fire scale" and super tarnish resistant. It is far less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin. I can personally vouch for this, as I have always had a difficult time with any metals in my ears except gold, and I have absolutely no trouble with the Argentium Silver earwires.


The picture is of actual item(s) for sale. I do my best to show the actual colors; please remember that monitors display colors differently, and while the color looks true to me, it may vary a little depending on your computer's graphic card and/or settings on your monitor. I have struggled to get the color right on Android, but it seems to be way off to the yellow spectrum, and there’s nothing I’ve found to fix it.

SRAJD #2871


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