Womyn's Bottle

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Rhodochrosite & Rosemary

A lot of people ask "What does this mean?" The word "womyn" is simply an alternative spelling to the word "women". This bottle is specifically for women to help work through the issues which are entirely feminine...i.e., the transitional periods between the maid, mother & crone phases of life, childbirth, postpartum depression, PMS, sensuality, etc.

For general information about Meditation bottles, why I make them and their purpose, please visit /product-info/meditation-bottles.

The bottle pictured is not the "actual" bottle you will receive, but the one you get will be extremely similar. Natural stone colors vary, as do the leaves, berries and seeds I use. I grow many of the herbs myself, and use fresh picked items as often as possible, either from my garden or in nearby woods. Some are dried, and some I have to purchase from a reputable organic grower/supplier.

Meditation bottles are NOT FOR CHILDREN. They are not toys and can present a choking ha

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