Spiral Earposts with "Jet" Swarovski Crystal FE19-4114

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Spiral Ear Posts –

Each one of these spiral posts are hand wound, hammered just a little, and then tumbled for several hours. Since they are individually made by hand, the pairs are as close as I can get them to matched, but there will be some variance in each. Posts are about 3/8”. Crystals are Swarovski 4 mm. (I use the Swarovski names for the colors as often as possible.)

If you want to order a pair with a specific color that I don’t have here, pls either use the contact form here on the site, or email me. You can also go to my Facebook page and msg me there. I have quite a few colors in Swarovski 4 mm.

For use in jewelry making, your earwire loop should be treated as a tiny jump ring. Open by bending gently to one side or the other just enough to hang your earring piece, and then close by bending gently back. DO NOT PULL OUT ON IT TO OPEN. The 20 g wire has been hardened. Bending or twisting more than once or twice will break it.  

SPECIAL CARE & FEEDING ( I highly recommend passing on to your jewelry customers)

The entire ear post is one piece of wire. Care must be taken when removing it from your ear. I suggest hold the spiral flat against your ear with your forefinger of one hand and removing the back with your other hand (as opposed to holding the back and yanking the front.) If you find this awkward, then make SURE to pull evenly and gently on BOTH sides of the spiral when you are removing them so as to not bend the coil. It has been hammered lightly to discourage bending.


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