Short Wide Bead Cone Set, Black GBC20-4321

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This is a set of 2 matching cones, approximately 22 mm long, 16 mm in diameter at the entrance hole (big end), and a 3 mm exit hole (thin end).

Bead Cones are the findings you see right before the clasp or transition to a single strand on multi-strand necklaces, and sometimes bracelets. They allow multiple strands to be tied off and hidden for a neat finish.

I use 104 COE glass for all my beads or glass items - Effetre (formerly Moretti), Lausha, Messy, and assorted silver reactives like TAG and Double Helix. I work on either a GTT Lynx or a Nortel Minor torch and use either my Arrow Springs A-18 kiln or my Toolbox kiln to digitally anneal every item.


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