Rooter in Royal Blue RB22-5265

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About Rooter Bottles-

I call these my little Cycle of Life totems. You put a plant cutting* into the bottle, hang it somewhere in direct outdoor light (doesn’t have to be direct sun) and let it grow roots. Once the roots are established, and the plant has grown enough to take a new cutting, plant it in a pot or in the ground, take the cutting and start over. The bottle itself is either brown or opaque to protect the growing roots. Rooters average around 12” including their hook.

Each Rooter Bottle is crafted with love and attention to detail. You will find the 3 earth elements (animal, mineral, plant) & the 4 sacred elements (Earth, Water, Fire & Air) represented on each bottle. I decorate with my handmade beads, as well as Czech & Japanese seed beads, Crystals, and bells/coins. They are prepared for easy hanging with a matching “S” hook which is easy to hang on a hook. While they are rather durable, I recommend they be hung at least in a protected area such as on a porch if used outside. This will allow the feather and the leather to last much longer. Rooters average around 12” including their hook. They look really pretty in a window too!

* Depending on the season and the destination, yes, I will send a live plant cutting with the Rooter if it is likely to survive the trip. Shipping to Wisconsin in winter, for instance, would not be feasible.  


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