Copper Electroplated Knot w/Silverglass Bead EPN21-4769

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Electroplated Traditional Celtic Knot with my lampwork glass.  Chain is pure antiqued copper (commercial) with small lobster clasp.

Finished length approx 17"

My copper knots are first formed by tying the knot in a cotton cord. The knot is then lacquered several times and the surface smoothed. Once it’s good and hard, it’s painted with conductive paint and finally placed in the electroplating solution. The process takes 5 or 6 sessions over as many days for prep and another 12-14 hours to actually plate. Once plated, the piece must be polished, and/or treated for a patina, and then waxed for protection. THEN I can proceed to make the finished jewelry piece.

About Beads: 

I use 104 COE glass – Effetre (formerly Moretti), Lausha, Messy, and assorted silver reactives like TAG and Double Helix. I work on either a Nortel Minor or GTT Lynx torch and use either my Arrow Springs A-18 kiln or my Toolbox kiln for annealing. All my beads are properly annealed in one of the digitally controlled kilns, and then cleaned thoroughly of bead release using specially designed reamers in my Foredom.



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