A Bit About Meditation Bottles...




Consider that…


… we arrive here, on this planet, in this plane of reality, absolutely perfect. And that our Creator (no matter what your faith, your religion, or your spiritual beliefs) left nothing out. We are born knowing everything. And then we forget.

We spend the early parts of our lives “learning”. We are taught many things (ideas, ways of being, etc.), and we make decisions about ourselves based mostly on these “lessons” that come to us from our environment, our physical circumstances, our society, our parents, our peers, and so on. Many of these decisions are made in panic and fear, and while they may serve us at the moment, in many cases they cease to be useful to us as we grow. Yet, instead of letting go of these things that no longer serve us, we build on them…creating more and more fear, separation and guilt/anger. Generally, the result is that by the time we have gained the ability to think rationally, we have no idea of what rationality is. We have lost the truth of ourselves as part of the Divine Whole. We have blocked our connection with our highest self and succumbed to the “reality” that we see as absolute. In other words, we think there’s something WRONG with us, or that we are missing something. We have convinced ourselves that we “can’t” or we’re “too (fat, thin, weak, etc)” or “aren’t (good, pretty, smart, fast, talented, etc.) enough”. We literally worry ourselves sick. And, we become dis-eased.

Over the ages of human existence, we have turned to Mother Earth and her resources to aid us in our quest to “fix” ourselves. Our ancestors valued the plants and animals and the Earth herself- their energies- to help them find their way back to the Oneness. Stones & herbs have always been prominent in ritual, whether it be prayer, healing, or simply seeking a path to follow. The stones and herbs in these Meditation bottles have been selected as some of the more prominent chosen by assorted cultures throughout the ages, and then put together in a way that is relevant to our modern-day culture.

While stones & herbs do indeed hold energies of their own, and in some cases medicinal value, these bottles are simply totems…amulets. They are designed to remind you that you are indeed a perfect human being. A spiritual entity having a human experience. They are focal points to help you remember that you already have whatever it is you THINK you are lacking, within…that you must simply reach for it to feel it’s existence. That your thoughts and emotions create Feelings, and that through these Feelings you can create, or let go of, absolutely anything, regardless of how difficult it may appear in the physical world. YOU are absolutely perfect. YOU have come here to experience the physical aspect of Divinity, to learn, and to teach. The physical body, the ego? This is the human experience. Cherish it, enjoy it, experience it… but don’t mistake it for who YOU really are.

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