This style of earring is called "silvered" because I wrap the bead with silver while I make the beads. Fine silver melts at a very low temperature, so the trick is to wrap the bead with the wire while still in the flame without melting it into oblivion...lol, then to heat it sufficiently to stay ON the glass once it's cooled down in the annealer. Usually, the silver balls up in a trail around the bead. If the bead is a little hotter when I actually wrap it, the silver may sink into the surface a bit, resulting in a solid wire. Both ways work beautifully and sometimes I get a spectacular silver/glass reaction.

All my glass bead earrings are suspended on my hand formed Argentium silver earwires by my hand formed Argentium silver head pins or eye pins. I use Sterling silver round or Bali style accent beads and Swarovski crystals for sparkle.

The item in the picture is the actual item you will receive. Please understand that while I make every attempt to capture accurate color in my photos, all computers and electronic devices show color just a bit differently.

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