Each of these choker style necklaces has one of my original flameworked beads, with steel flat spacers & either glass or ceramic accent beads. The cord is waxed linen and is adjustable by moving knots together (for smaller) or apart from one another (for larger). Make sure to move each side separately, by holding the knotted piece and sliding it along the other one. The string is tough and will withstand daily wear for years.
To pick your necklace:
Browse the thumbnail pictures below the main window. As you click or touch it, it will appear in the main window. When you see one you like, note the number on the bottom right of the photo. Then, look through the drop down menu and find the correct number and select it. This will select that necklace. You can preview your choice to make sure you've got the one you want, then add it to your shopping cart or wish-list.

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