5 "silvered" ivory beads, accented with sterling round beads, & black spacers on a "changeable" sterling silver cuff bracelet.  My wrist measures 6".  This cuff is a little large on me.  My guess is it will fit well & comfortably on anyone with a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inch wrist.

*One of the end balls on the bracelet can be unscrewed to load different sets of beads, should change be wanted.

BEAD JEWELRY (Necklaces & Bracelets)

I use 104 COE glass for all my beads - Effetre (formerly Moretti), Lausha, Messy, and assorted silver reactives like TAG and Double Helix. I work on either a GTT Lynx or a Nortel Minor torch and use either my Arrow Springs A-18 kiln or my Toolbox kiln to digitally anneal every bead. Unless specifically noted, all findings (the little metal parts) are Sterling or Argentium silver. On jewelry that is strung, I use a multi-strand steel coated cable to ensure strength and durability. (I usually use SoftFlex or an equivalent product.) If I use a pre-made necklace chain, it is Sterling or Argentium. I often make my own “chains” using Argentium wire with beads. Accent beads are silver or Czech, Austrian, Japanese or other quality glass beads.

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