Stationary Ivory bead with Vine motif. Good, heavy brass key.


Years ago, I accumulated a LOT of antique keys through cleaning out and selling my mother’s house. I started making ornamental “house jewelry” based on those keys, and then decided to try making beads on them. For years, the beads were stationary on the keys, but I got bored and figured a way to make them loose on the key shanks. More interesting. LOL The Bead Bobbins started when someone asked me to make weights for a ribbon/yarn project. Again, they started stationary, but I now make spinners as well.

The keys are all unique antiques. If they are Key Crystals, the crystals are Austrian or German. The Beaded Keys are all processed exactly as my other beads – flame to kiln.

Bobbins are the regular items used in sewing machines, but heavy duty steel…not the lightweight ones.
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