Use like you would any hairstick (or pen, pencil, chopstick, etc.) Total length " *Drapes work best horizontally.

African Porcupine Quills are naturally thrown off by the porcupine as a defense, and as a "shedding". No porcupines die so your hair can look nice. I make the end bead on a thin steel rod, which I sharpen and push down through the quill for durability just in case it gets wet or you fall asleep with it, etc. Quills basically are keratin, like your fingernails. Never put quills in wet hair. Once wet, the quill will soften and crease if pinched or bent. This is why I use steel rod. With minimal care, they will last lifetimes.

For instructions on putting quills in your hair, please visit www.saorsastudios.com. A link to printable instructions can be found under “For the Hair” in nav.

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