Finished length (inside) on this necklace is approximately 16“.

Even though the Drape style looks extremely delicate, it is just as tough as any other of my macramé styles. It hangs beautifully and works especially well with evening wear, but certainly can be worn with any sort of open neckline. This is one of my designs for which you need to measure your neck. This is not a choker…it needs to lay at least an inch below the little hollow in your neck where the collar bones join.  Clasp is Sterling silver.

Earrings match the drops on the centerpiece of the necklace and are suspended by my hand wrought Argentium head pins and earwires.


All my beadwork is Micro-Macramé and glass. Micro-Macramé jewelry is lightweight, durable, and the cording is colorfast. I use an extremely tough 3ply nylon cord, and it's basically indestructible. What I tell my customers in my shop is this.... "I guarantee it for as long as you own it. You can swim, shower, sweat...most anything. Just don't light it on fire, or leave it on the dashboard of your car directly in the hot sun." Most people tend to think they won't be using fire near their ears or necks. :) If you DO leave it in a sunny, hot tightly enclosed space, it may shrink up a little. Mostly this only happens on fringed pieces. In any case, just get in touch with me & I'll either give you instructions on fixing it, or tell you to send it to me for repair.




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