This one is called "MORGAUSE"

Finished inside length is approximately 16“.  Best to measure your neck.  Camelots will lay nicely a little below choker level, or can be a choker style.  It does look better higher toward the neck than laying low on the chest.

The story to this style goes back quite a few years. It seems to be some sort of “thing” on sites like Etsy, etc. that “artists” must “name” their work. I’m terrible at it. I mean…seriously terrible. I design it, make it, & sell it. To me, naming stuff is ridiculous. However, for some years, I tried. I had a friend at the time named Julz. We both loved the Arthurian legends & stories, and she decided I would have a style called Camelot, with different colors named for different women from the stories. I’ve made maybe a dozen of these pieces over the years, and maintain the series and names in her memory. The style has morphed a bit, and likely will continue to do so as the drop beads I use are no longer available. When I run out, they’re gone. RIP Julz. Crazy as bat poo, but one hell of a creative force. I remember you fondly.

Camelot is extremely labor intensive. It takes roughly 12 hours to complete a set, if nothing goes wrong…lol. Earrings are in the Oval style, as the entire necklace is based on that general pattern. Argentium earwires, of course, and sterling clasp and accents.


All my beadwork is Micro-Macramé and glass. Micro-Macramé jewelry is lightweight, durable, and the cording is colorfast. I use an extremely tough 3ply nylon cord, and it's basically indestructible. What I tell my customers in my shop is this.... "I guarantee it for as long as you own it. You can swim, shower, sweat...most anything. Just don't light it on fire, or leave it on the dashboard of your car directly in the hot sun." Most people tend to think they won't be using fire near their ears or necks. :) If you DO leave it in a sunny, hot tightly enclosed space, it may shrink up a little. Mostly this only happens on fringed pieces. In any case, just get in touch with me & I'll either give you instructions on fixing it, or tell you to send it to me for repair.


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