SAORSA STUDIO OF BEADS- BraidWrap Instructions

Putting in your Braidwrap:

Open Braid Wrap Open the braid wrap by untying and unwinding the laces.
Laying in the braid Lay end of braid in the center of the "suede" side of the Braid Wrap. Leave a short (1") tail below the bottom edge.
Starting the wrap Fold the Braid Wrap around the braid one edge over the other, then wrap laces in opposite directions around the top. Pull tight to secure.
Almost done! Continue wrapping the laces around the wrap in opposite directions, pulling tight each time they cross.
Completed Braid Wrap When you reach the bottom tie a square knot, pulling the first knot tight, and leaving the second just a bit more loose. You want it firm, but not impossible to untie. Enjoy!