This is a set of 3 beads.  Center bead is approximately 14 3/4 mm x 10 mm, the 2 accent beads are approximately 11 3/4 mm x 7 1/2 mm and all were wound on a 1/16 mandrel. 

About Seed Glass Beads: 

Any of my Seed Glass Beads are special because the glass, to the best of my knowledge, is no longer produced. Seed glass means that thousands (millions?) of little tiny air bubbles have been trapped intentionally as the glass was formed. The other unusual factor is that the glass is actually in a tubular rod form. Hollow in the middle in other words. It may have originally been intended for blowing or to be cut into lengths to make long beads without any further hot work.

I use 104 COE glass – Effetre (formerly Moretti), Lausha, Messy, and assorted silver reactives like TAG and Double Helix.  I work on either a Nortel Minor or GTT Lynx torch and use either my Arrow Springs A-18 kiln or my Toolbox kiln for annealing. All my beads are properly annealed in one of the digitally controlled kilns, and then cleaned thoroughly of bead release using specially designed reamers in my Foredom.

The wire in the picture is strictly for my display purposes (beads are attached to a card to hang on my display) and doesn't represent any sort of jewelry application. 

SRA #C11  The photos are of the actual bead(s) listed here.


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