Small, close to 2 ½ inches
Medium, close to 3 ¼ inches
Large, about 4 inches

Plain Beaded
Beaded with “Dingles” (fringe on either end)
Beaded with Drape

All sizes are genuine French barrettes, made in France (not the cheaper Chinese knock-off). They all hold a substantial amount of hair securely. Most barrettes are macramé, using assorted glass beads...primarily Czech & Japanese glass. While I will eventually offer them with my own lampwork, for now I'm concentrating on other jewelry featuring that. Once the macramé is complete, I cut deerskin backing and glue that to the barrette, then glue and tie the macramé to the deerskin and the barrette. This ensures long dependable wear, and IF for some reason something comes loose, you don't lose it. So far, in the 20 odd years I've made these, I've never had one returned because it came apart. Feel free to custom order any size in any style & color, except small which I only make as Plain Beaded. They’re just too small.
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